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bone cancer

About Bone Cancer Treatment

Bone Cancer Treatment in India starts from $5400.

An unusual growth of cells or tissues inside the bone is called bone cancer. Those that arise in bone tissue are included and those that start somewhere else and spread till bone tissue are excluded.

Some of the common symptoms include –

  • Bone Pain
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness of the affected area
  • Fatigue

The treatment part of bone cancer includes surgical removal and radiation therapy. Some non-cancerous bony lesions need no treatment or intervention at all.

In case of a small lesion on the bone surface, tissue scrapping is done to remove the cancerous growth, and no harm to the bone is done.

Other medical procedures involved are bone grafting, arthrodesis, wide local excision, and limb-sparing surgical resection for the minimal invasion of the healthy tissue.

Frequently asked questions about Bone Cancer Treatment

If a bone tumour is suspected the doctor will do a complete medical examination. This may include a blood test as bone tumours can be associated with increased levels of certain proteins in the blood. The doctor may also recommend X-rays and other scans of the bone(s), if X-rays and scans suggest that a tumour might be present then a biopsy (removal of a sample of tissue) will be performed. A pathologist will then examine the cells to determine whether it is cancerous, and if so what type of cancer it is.

There are over 200 bones in the human body, any of these can be affected by cancer. However, certain types of bone cancer are more common in specific bones. Osteosarcoma is most commonly found in the bones around the knee. Ewing’s sarcoma is more common in the upper leg, pelvis and other bones of the trunk. The pelvis is the most frequent location for chondrosarcoma. Nevertheless, it is possible for these cancers to affect any bone in the body.

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