Papillary Thyroid Cancer

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About Papillary Thyroid Cancer

Papillary Thyroid Cancer in India starts from $3150.

Thyroid cancer is a growth of cells that starts in the thyroid. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck, just below the Adam’s apple. The thyroid produces hormones that regulate heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and weight.

Thyroid cancer might not cause any symptoms at first. But as it grows, it can cause signs and symptoms, such as swelling in your neck, voice changes and difficulty swallowing.

Several types of thyroid cancer exist. Most types grow slowly, though some types can be very aggressive. Most thyroid cancers can be cured with treatment.

Thyroid cancer rates seem to be increasing. The increase may be caused by improved imaging technology that allows health care providers to find small thyroid cancers on CT and MRI scans done for other conditions (incidental thyroid cancers). Thyroid cancers found in this way are usually small cancers that respond well to treatments.

Frequently asked questions about Papillary Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer can affect the body in a number of ways. For instance, a thyroid tumor itself can cause symptoms that affect the body, as can any treatments that the patient undergoes. Cancer that metastasizes to other areas of the body will have further affects, as well.

A positive outcome and favorable quality of life is more likely when thyroid cancer is diagnosed and treated early. Some possible health-related complications of thyroid cancer and its treatment include osteoporosis, hypertension, heart rhythm disorders and heart valve disease. The risk of longterm effects of thyroid cancer can be minimized by seeking care at a high-volume cancer center.

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