Dr. Naresh Kumar Biyani

Dr. Naresh Kumar Biyani

Profile (Overview)

  • Dr. Naresh Kumar Biyani is one of the most coveted Pediatric Neurosurgeon in the field with over 16+ years of experience.
  • He is an active member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences Neurological Society of India, Maharashtra Medical Council, etc.
  • He is a very well-read surgeon with an M.B.B.S, M.S (General Surgery), D.N.B (General Surgery), M.Ch (Neuro–Surgery), D.N.B (Neuro–Surgery), M.N.A.M.S. He has also done a Fellowship in Pediatric-Neurosurgery.
  • Dr. Biyani has special and unique skills in managing patients with Hydrocephalus Treatment, Spinal Dysraphism, and Tethered Cord Syndrome, Cranial Dysraphism, Pediatric Neuro-Oncology, Epilepsy Surgery, Microneurosurgery, etc.
  • He has more than 30+ scientific publications, chapters in books and is a celebrated speaker at national conferences.



  • Hydrocephalus Treatment
  • Spinal Dysraphism and Tethered Cord Syndrome
  • Cranial Dysraphism
  • Pediatric Neurooncology
  • Microneurosurgery

Work Experience of Dr. Naresh Kumar Biyani

  • Consultant, Apollo Hospitals, Mumbai
  • Consultant, Bhatia Hospital
  • Consultant, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi
  • Consultant, B.J. Wadia Children Hospital, Parel
  • Consultant, Jupiter Hospital, Thane


  • MBBS
  • MS
  • DNB
  • MCh


Paper Published

  • Prophylactic antibiotics in pediatric Shunt surgery: A survey Child’s Nervous System 2006 Nov;22(11):1465 – 1471 Biyani N, G . Grisaru – Soen, P. Steinbok, S. Sgouros, S Constantini
  • Classical and real-time neuronavigation in pediatric neurosurgery. Child’s Nervous System 2006 Sep;22(9):1065 – 1071. Roth J, Beni – Adani L, Biyani N, Constantini S.
  • The occurrence of obstructive versus absorptive hydrocephalus in newborns and infants: relevance to treatment choices. [Accepted for publication in Child’s Nervous System]L Beni – Adani, Biyani N, L Ben – Sirah, S Constantini
  • Postoperative brain – stem tension pneumocephalus causing “locked-in” syndrome [Accepted for publication in Pediatric Neurosurgery] Biyani N, A. Silbiger, J. Ben Ari, S. Constantini
  • A review of the experience of spinal dermal sinus tract in 52 children. [Submitted for publication in Journal of Neurosurgery (Pediatrics)] Biyani N, Davies A, Saunders D., Hayward R, Thompson D
  • Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Tumor: A review of surgical outcome in 91children. [Ready for submission ] Biyani N., Wadley J . , Thompson D., Harding B, Hayward R., Harkness W.
  • Reduction Cranioplasty for macrocephaly due to severe congenital hydrocephalus: a report of 7 patients [Ready Submission] Biyani N, Y. Benari, S Constantini, L Beni – Adani
  • Conservative treatment of VP shunt infection with Listeria monocyte gene: A case report [Ready Submission] Biyani N, L Beni – Adani, G . Grisaru – Soen, S Constantini
  • Multiple subpial transactions in Landau Kleffner syndrome: A review of surgical outcome in 12 children. [Ready Submission] Biyani N., Neville B, Harkness W
  • Roth J, Biyani N, Udayakumaran S, Xiao X, Friedman O, Beni- Adani L, Constantini S. Modified bilateral subtemporal decompression for resistant slit ventricle syndrome. Childs Nerv Syst. 2011 Jan;27(1):101 – 10
  • Udayakumaran S, Biyani N, Rosenbaum DP, Ben-Sira L, Constantini S, Beni – Adani L. Posterior fossa craniotomy for trapped fourth ventricle in shunt – treated hydrocephalic children: long – term outcome. J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2011Jan;7(1):52 – 63 .
  • Kumar A, Deopujari CE, Biyani N, Mhatre MV. Pediatric cerebellar pilocytic astrocytoma presenting with hemorrhage. Neurol India. 2010 Nov – Dec;58(6):972 – 4 .
  • Roth J, Biyani N, Beni – Adani L, Constantini S. Real-time neuronavigation with high – quality 3D ultrasound SonoWand in pediatric neurosurgery. Pediatr Neurosurg. 2007;43(3):185 – 91.

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Dr. Naresh Kumar Biyani


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