Dr. Palaniappan S

Dr. Palaniappan S

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A well respected figure and one of the most well rated Gastroenterologist in Chennai, India, Dr. Palaniappan S has had several decades of domain specific experience under his belt. A doctor with outstanding credentials, the doctor is known to guarantee efficiency and safety when performing different kinds of procedures as he keeps abreast of latest developments in his specialty. The specialist holds a very degree of experience with over 20 years of experience. Some of the most common conditione the doctor deals with are Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Bile Duct Cancer, Esophageal Varices, Liver Cancer, Pancreatitis.

Conditions treated by Dr. Palaniappan S

Dr. Palaniappan S treats the conditions which are mentioned here.:

  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Bile Duct Cancer
  • Esophageal Varices
  • Pancreatitis
  • Ulcer
  • Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
  • Liver Cancer
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Celiac Disease
  • Jaundice
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal Cancer

When you have gastroenterological problems, it can be a painful and distressing experience and especially so with sores on the stomach lining and small intestine and inflammation of the large intestine or pancreas. You must consult your Gastroenterologist in case of various gallbladder conditions as well as liver disease. It is this specialty which has the solutions of any problem or condition linked to the digestive system.

Signs and Symptoms treated by Dr. Palaniappan S

We have outlined for you the many signs and symptoms that indicate a gastroenterological condition.:

  • Pale coloured stools
  • Oesophageal discomfort
  • Bowel movements that are hard to control
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Urine of dark colour
  • Changes in bowel habits that are beginning to concern you
  • Gallstones
  • Coeliac disease
  • Loss of weight and appetite
  • Bloating or abdominal pain
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Persistent heartburn/ GERD
  • Belching or excessive gas
  • Leakage/ stains in underwear
  • Rectal bleeding/ blood in stool

Even seemingly less harmful and everyday symptoms like diarrhea, constipation and heartburn can be an evidence of something more serious if it is happening repeatedly and persistently. Gastroenterological conditions which start becoming chronic in nature do manifest in symptoms like blood in the stool and yellowing of the skin. Kindly do not let the symptoms become more severe and beyond the scope of complete solution and treatment becomes elusive.

Operating Hours of a Gastroenterlogist

Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm are the operating hours of the doctor whereas Sunday is an off day. Known for being an expert physician in the field of Gastroenterology, the doctor is also highly accomplished.

Popular Procedures performed by Dr Palaniappan S

The popular procedures performed by Dr. Palaniappan S are as follows:

  • ERCP (Diagnostic)
  • Endoscopy (UGI Endoscopy)

If someone is suffering from a gut related disease or condition, then it is this doctor who helps to manage as well as treat the issue in patients. The work of a Gastroenterologist does not involve surgery per se, the procedures they perform are usually for diagnosis purposes and cannot be termed as surgical. If the treatment requires surgery at any point of treatment the patient is advised to visit a gastrointestinal surgeon.



  • Gastroenterologist

Work Experience of Dr. Palaniappan S

  • Sr Consultant at MIOT HOSPITAL, 2015 – 2015
  • Sr Consultant at GLOBAL HOSPITALS, 2008 – 2015
  • Sr Consultant at MADURAI MEENAKSHI MISSION HOSPITAL, 2004 – 2008
  • Sr Consultant at KMCH, 2001 – 2004


  • MBBS
  • MD


Paper Published

  • He has participated in workshops and conferences and presented a paper in them. These papers are ERCP in CBD stone, EUS in the pancreas lesion

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Dr. Palaniappan S


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